Tips on AC and HVAC Maintenance

There are several tips and blogs that are useful for people who are looking to be environmentally responsible. Most people understand that they should do their part to conserve energy in a variety of ways. If you want to do your part to protect the environment and lower your energy bills as soon as possible then it is imperative that you routinely do some AC and heat maintenance on your HVAC system. In this article we will review tips that your HVAC contractor may recommend to help you get a good start on this vital task.

One of the first steps that you can take towards being more environmentally responsible is to make sure you have a system that is properly installed. Most contractors will not install systems where the units are placed too far apart. It is important that you talk to your contractor to make sure that your entire system is properly installed. If you do not have such a system installed close to your home then this could result in serious damage to the unit. Most HVAC systems installed in homes are located in close proximity to the home. If the system is installed far away then when the temperature drops during the winter months the system cannot be efficiently heated. The system will often run long periods of time with no results because it is unable to be heated properly. Reducing the distance between the system and your home will ensure that it is functioning properly.

One of the easiest ways to lower energy costs and improve your home is to have your HVAC units serviced biannually with the winter/ summer season changes. Let an HVAC contractor clean and tune up the entire system to ensure maximum performance. This will reduce the number of times your HVAC unit needs repair work and give you plenty of longevity. To lower your energy bills is as simple as ensuring you use your HVAC correctly. To turn off your system is a simple and easy task and is one that will ensure you lower your heating and cooling costs. Again, if you do not already have a system in your home then start looking into the options of a high efficiency unit.

Tips on Installing Solar Panels

There are a lot of ways that you can try to save money on your electricity bills. One such option is by having solar power kits to convert sunlight into electricity. If you are searching for solar power kits, it is going to cost you a lot more than if you buy the pieces separately.  The pieces you would be purchasing individually would be solar cells as well as associated apparatus as well as a box for housing the cells. Apart from that, you would also need solar panel installation at your home, preferably placed in a location that would be in direct sun during long hours for an individual house. It would not be a bad idea to install a solar panel that would be capable of generating around 1000-2000 watt of electricity output.

Solar panel installation

The process involving solar panel installation is not really as hard as you may imagine. You have the option of buying from large companies who will install a solar power kit for your house, which is the more expensive route. The problem with this option is the cost. However, if you want to build your own based on the information located on the solar panel installation kits and on the internet, you will notice a big difference in the overall final cost.

This is where a DIY installation plan comes into play, even if you install a solar power kit for your home by yourself the cost will still be a lot less. With this type of solar panel installation kit, all you need to do is follow the instructions to let the solar electricity flow into your house. The main advantage of installing solar power for your home is being able to reduce your electricity costs, with the benefit of being off the grid. The initial costs are much lower than what you would be paying an installer when you do it yourself, as long as you are capable enough to do safely and correctly.

All you have to do is fix your panels to your roofs, which would be exposed to sunlight. Then, after making sure everything is done up to the right level, you also have to do additional wiring to connect your solar panels to your power grid box. You may be worried by the amount of work required to do all this but, you will be surprised that the actual work is rather easy to make use of DIY solar panel energy which only takes about one to two days at the most to complete the install benefitting your family and the planet.

Energy Saving Programmable Thermostats

Common household appliances such as air-conditioning, electric oven, window air-conditioning, steamer, or electric water heater consume up to one-third of the total residential electricity used in the U.S. Each year, according to the U.S. Department of Energy’s U.S. Department of Energy Facts, about $25 billion in electricity is used just by everyday consumers.

The price for electricity is continuously rising. As a rule, consumers whose electricity bills exceed five hundred dollars every month are usually subjected to rate increases. Consumers should be aware of this non-favorable situation and take advantage of rate reductions and savings. To maximize energy savings, energy appliances can do a lot of the work for you and save you money. Energy saving programmable thermostats can work to save you a lot of money and reduce energy consumption in your house. So how do they work and what are the benefits of using them?

Programmable Thermostat

The basic concept of energy saving programmable thermostats can be adjusted year round based on the settings that you select. You should choose a program that you can operate during the winter and summer depending on the season when you use your HVAC system. Seasonal changes in energy consumption are often the best time to make your changes to save energy. Set your programmable thermostat to the highest possible degree that is tolerable during the summer, and reduce it during winter months. The basics of energy savings programmable thermostats involve heat and cold cycles. During the heating cycle, the system maintains indoor temperature above the set temperature. When the air-conditioning system turns off the heat cycle, the system normalizes the temperature within a few minutes. During this time, the system monitors the temperature of the home. The thermostat then adjusts the temperature based on the home’s setting, and once the weather warms up the system brings the temperature back to the cooler setting. As with many types of programmable thermostats, the closer the temperature is to the one of the coldest settings in the heater and the warmest setting in the summer, the less energy is used. 

Using a programmable thermostat can help your home minimize energy consumption by regulating the temperature of your home. Many programmable thermostats are programmable to reset automatically, but you can also have “demand” programs which will activate when the temperature falls below a pre-programmed temperatures. Many demand programs can be manually adjusted – you can even set them for the hottest or coldest temperatures of the day. You may want to have your programmable thermostat installed in addition to or instead of an automatic programmable thermostat. Automatic programs ensure consistent temperatures until the longer hours of the evening. You can vary your schedule by making your home slightly warmer or cooler depending on when you leave and come home. With an extended heating and cooling program you can even adjust the temperature at bedtime for colder temperatures.

For example, changing the programmable thermostat from 77 degrees at midnight to 77.5 degrees at 1 a.m. can save between 5 to 10 percent on your energy bills. Most energy consumption in your home is in the cooling cycle of the day. When you are away from home, start the temperature program low and then higher the temperature while you are gone for summer months and the opposite for winter months. Programmable thermostats are a great investment which you can use to cut energy costs and improve energy efficiency.

Attic Mold

The damp nature of attics provides a perfect environment for molds to thrive. There are many varieties of molds that grow within the attic. the foremost common ones are: allergenic molds. These ones tend to irritate the sinuses or system once you inhale them in moderate or large amounts.

There also are pathogenic molds that affect people affected by AIDS and other autoimmune disorders.

Mycotoxic molds are also around and they happen to be the most deadly. These ones attack the system thus compromising your body defense.

Mold Remediation

Effects of Attic Mold

The effects depend upon the kind of mold that’s in your attic. for instance, if your attic has allergenic molds, you’re absolute to experience allergies. A number of the signs that you just will experience include: coughing, headaches, fatigue, sneezing, and raw throat.

If your attic has mycotoxic mold, you’ll have cognitive state, brain damage, brain damage, swelling, and joint pain.

How to Remove Attic Mold

To avoid the consequences you ought to get obviate molds from the attic. you must start by wearing protective clothes like mask, gloves, and goggles. These clothes will prevent you from inhaling the mold. They’ll also make sure that you do not have constant skin contact with mold.

After doing this you ought to plow ahead and take away the surface mold. The most effective tool to use could be a paint scraper. you must then pour Pine-sol cleanser into your pail so soak your sponge within the solution. For ideal results you ought to use full strength Pine-sol.

You should wipe all the areas that had get contact with the mold. The cool thing of using the sponge is that it allows the cleanser to simply penetrate rafters and acquire access to the spores which may be hiding within the crevices.

When the complete place is clean you ought to set the dehumidifier to high and leave it on for 3 days. The aim of leaving the dehumidifier on is to get rid of excess moisture within the attic thus killing all the mold which may be remaining.


This is what you would like to grasp about attic mold. For ideal results you ought to kill mold during the dry days. This is often to confirm that there is low humidity within the attic.

To ensure that you just are safe you must make sure that the attic is well-ventilated. This demand you to open all the vents, windows and doors.

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Tips To Creating An Energy Efficient Home

Home energy efficiency is big business today, not only are architects and contractors telling people how to design better, but the government is providing many real estate related awards to homeowners who are making improvements to their property. Increasing energy efficiency in homes has benefits both for the homeowner and the environment – and it should be easy.

An average heat pump in the United States costs around $2000.00. The heat pump will function at, typically, half of that cost. Once your unit reaches beyond its lifetime, the major breakdown starts. It usually means replacing the furnace or boiler. With energy efficient devices, that service can be provided by the company you have chosen to install your unit.

Energy Efficient Home

Before lowering your electric bill by 30 to 50%, consider replacing your existing appliances with newer ones. These days, there are plenty of Energy Star rated refrigerators, washers and other appliances a homeowner can invest in. Be sure to choose units that have energy saving settings and labels. Again, it is good to seek help from your electric and utility companies to identify more modern devices being offered that can save the efficiency balance of that exact unit.

For those who live in extreme temperature conditions, you can also consider replacing your windows. Though you do have to spend more upfront. However, the savings on cooling is significant over time. Always choose a window with a good R-Value. This is the measure of thermal resistance, which is the number needed to have sufficient but not excessive cooling. This is the same value that insurance companies look for, in the same place we look for an Energy Star sticker.

When shopping window coverings, consider window treatments made of recycled fabrics, these materials come with a good warranty in addition to being earth friendly. There are many different textures with insulation systems that can make the difference between being too hot or not cold enough without causing damage to your windows. For more information on window coverings, contact a local home improvement store.

An energy efficient home is one that is taking the climate and the seasons into consideration. Always remember to think before throwing out any piece of equipment not specifically related to the function you are using it for. There are numerous situations in which an item can not be recommended and either warrant a new replacement or return to the manufacturer. As your home ages, you will find plenty of things to improve, one of the first of which is replacing finishes. It is cheaper to maintain, again, look for energy efficient ways to cover your home instead of fixing or adjusting. Energy efficient improvements lead to reduced maintenance costs, higher energy-efficiency ratings and the chance to do a lot more with less. It may be time for a change as you begin to see the consistent drive for improvement throughout your home.

Ways To Retain A Homes Property Value

Houses can lose value over time. Wear and tear, in addition as damages inflicted by storms, floods, and other disasters, can cause your house to depreciate by hundreds or thousands of dollars. After you want to retain the maximum amount of the residence’s value as possible throughout the years, you will find it best to rework structures just like the foundation, roof, and siding over the course of your time. If would really need help deciding what project to undertake or would like to rent professionals to try to to the work for you, you may start your research by looking online for help.

Many homeowners need guidance in determining what projects to undertake when improving their houses’ value and appearance. as an example, the foyer inside the house might have to be repainted and refinished after you have got lived there for some years. Painting the high ceilings, however, may be beyond your capability. Furthermore, you might may lack the tools needed to urge the work done.

Home Improvement
Photo by Bidvine from Pexels

Rather than let the chore go, you may head to a professional company’s website and look at the photos available to you to urge a concept of how you may remodel your foyer. The web site can even offer you a concept about how the contractors could assist you in getting the reworking tired a time line that works for your needs. When the work is finished, your foyer might seem like new.

Doing research online might also be important if you wish to remain on budget throughout the method. many householders have finite budgets with which they’ll work. They also might must bill a number of the projects to their homeowners’ policy. you will find pricing or insurance details by researching online. This information could allow you to remain on budget without having to prevent the work or leave some projects unfinished.

You likewise might want to grasp what varieties of materials should be employed in the projects. Paint, flooring materials, and other items employed in the work can have a bearing on your house’s comfort and appearance. you may look to professionals to guide you in selecting items that fit your remodeling goals.

The process of getting your house to seem and feel the way you wish it would start with a consultation. It can be important for you to check with contractors who can tell you what work has to be done and for what purpose the reworking should occur. Their experience might put your mind comfortable that you just are making the proper choice for the house.

Along with consulting with the folks that work for the corporate, you will find it handy to read the company’s blog. The blog may cover topics that relate to your upcoming experience. you will have much of the knowledge you wish before your consultation with the contractors.

A thorough home renovation can help improve your house’s appearance and value. Houses lose value over time if they’re not taken care of or if they sustain damage from storms and other events. You will retain the appreciation of the property by redoing certain structures within the residence during the time you reside there.

Masonry Cleaning Methods

Power washing may be accustomed clean brick exterior and interior walls. the ability washer may be used up to 100 feet aloof from the structures being cleaned. If not utilized cautiously and inside sensible limit, pressure water cleaning may harm the brick work. for instance, if the Nozzle pressure in far more than 700 psi it can damage the bricks and erode mortar joints.

Grit Blasting Services

Grit blasting is a process where surfaces are treated to form them smooth or rough by spraying a pressured stream of grit to the surface. This treatment incorporates a big selection of business applications including; removing contaminants from the surface, polishing and removing rust.

The abrasive substance that’s used varies looking on what’s being cleaned. and what’s happening thereto after it’s been cleaned. This method of cleaning may be accustomed remove organic matter (mosses / lichens / algae) from most surfaces, especially brickwork and stonework. The waters heat also helps completely kill the spores of organic matter thus increasing the length of your time needed between cleaning. this technique is additionally accustomed remove paints from stonework and brickwork (in some cases a paint softener also will have to be applied to the surface to help in removal).

Grit Blasting

TORC & DOFF Cleaning

The DOFF system (which uses superheated water) is different in action to other systems. It uses ‘superheated’ water which exits the nozzle, in an exceedingly fan pattern. This method or system uses a facility method, which then gets to a high unit pump. Here the pressure is increased to the desired level before entering the ‘hotbox’. The pressure may be adjusted by the operator and is independent of the temperature setting. Within the heater part, the temperature may increase to 150C just before it passes on through a heat resistant nozzle. This nozzle directs the heated water onto the surface to be cleaned in fan like motion.

TORC systems on the opposite hand may be applied to get rid of carbon sulphation stains, lime and cement based paints, bitumen, paint residues, and old oil based paints and lime scales. The TORC system works by creating a mild swirling vortex whereby a combination of low atmospheric pressure, a bit water and safe inert fine granules is employed.

When selecting professional cleaning technicians it’s important to confirm that not only are they’re highly trained, but insured and qualified. If in search of such a company in Southern Colorado call the team at Masonry Colorado Springs. They provide free quotes and quality workmanship.

Some Options For Your New Stucco

Stucco has been use to guard and decorate exterior and interior walls and ceilings for several centuries. Stucco is obtainable in dozens of textures, thousands of colors and is currently the cladding of choice for many new construction and remodel or restoration projects. If you’re ever searching for stucco companies in Colorado Springs feel free to reach out to Colorado Springs Stucco Repair.

The two main categories of exterior stucco that encompass dozens of various systems are Hard Coat Stucco and EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish System). Hard Coat Stucco is that the preferred system for residential or multifamily construction, and is getting used increasingly for commercial projects since it’s more economical. EIFS is more commonly used for commercial building projects, but is usually also used for high-end custom homes.

Stucco Install

Hard Coat Stucco is often applied in 2-3 coats with a cementitious base coat. Of the various systems out there, two of the most common are 1 Coat Stucco and 3 Coat Stucco. Traditional Three Coat Stucco consists of two coats of a cement base and one finish coat. One Coat Stucco is really a two-coat process but rather than two base coats it consists of 1 cementitious base coat with one finish coat. within the previous couple of decades One Coat Stucco has become far more popular just because of the value. The materials used and application process are virtually the identical for both systems, apart from the exception of 1 Coat Stucco taking fewer steps and fewer time. the planning ability and performance between the 2 systems are the identical, although Three Coat Stucco is often stronger and can crack less in most circumstances.

The finish coat application of both hard coat systems is that the same. There are numerous finish options but they’ll be consolidated into some categories which are: Integrally Colored Stucco, Painted Stucco, and Acrylic Finishes. Colored cement finishes or “colored stucco” was the favored choice over Three Coat Stucco for many of the 20th century. it’s simply a mix of cement, lime, sand and pigment. it’s inexpensive and straightforward to use, however, if the bottom coat cracks the finish is nearly absolute to crack. Colored Stucco will stain easily, is difficult to repair, and allows water to pass freely through it (which is good or bad counting on what a part of the country the system is applied within). it’s usually applied by hand and may achieve virtually any finish imaginable.

Painted Stucco has been around almost as long, and is that the majority of the finishes getting used today. Painted Stucco is that the same mixture of materials less the color, so it’s applied the identical and can achieve all the textures that integrally colored stucco will. the ultimate step with Painted Stucco is that the paint application. The paint, or as some prefer to call “coating”, will look more vibrant and is simpler to patch. Color options are vast and it’s important that an honest quality stucco paint is employed. the foremost desired stucco finish today is Acrylic Stucco or Acrylic Finish. Some will call this technique Synthetic Stucco, which is somewhat correct since it’s an artificial finish, however it’s not an artificial system.

Acrylic Finish is obtainable in as many colors as a paint and has the identical chemical compose as paint, but may be a much thicker application. This does raise the value of the general system, but offers many benefits that the opposite two finishes don’t. Acrylic Stucco will bridge most all hairline cracks and doesn’t allow water to travel freely into the system, which may be a huge benefit in freeze/thaw zones. Acrylic Stucco will keep its look and typically won’t require any maintenance for several years, whereas painted stucco must be repainted and repaired within some years. Colored Stucco stains easily, will show every crack and is extremely difficult to repair.

EIFS may be a full synthetic system or what most will call Synthetic Stucco. EIFS systems weigh much but traditional stucco and are far more flexible. Although most EIFS adhesives and base coats are cement based, they’re heavily polymer modified in order that they are considered synthetic. These variety of systems are used successfully for several decades but are much newer within the stucco world. Most all EIFS systems use EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) insulation board which is sometimes adhesively attached to the substrate and sometimes mechanically attached.

The original or traditional EIFS systems all used a cement-based adhesive and/or mechanical fasteners for the EPS, fiberglass netting for reinforcement and to measure base coat thickness, cement base coat, and an acrylic finish. These systems are referred to as Barrier EIFS. Since these systems are so watertight, they’ve had some problems like not allowing water to flee after it had travelled into the system thanks to improper application and flashing. The industry quickly designed Drainage EIFS or Water Managed EIFS which some manufacturers had and promoted before these issues arrived. Drainage EIFS systems are highly regarded in recent years and include added or altered components like notched or channeled EPS, plastic trim, trowel or roller-applied waterproof coatings. These systems seem to own remedied the water drainage problem of years past. The finish coat options for EIFS aren’t as vast as they’re for Hard Coat Stucco. Since EIFS may be a “soft system” or synthetic system, cement finishes won’t work unless they’re acrylic or polymer modified.

Most EIFS manufacturers have their recommended systems and can not warranty their products if deviated from the initial specifications. Almost every final coat for EIFS consists of an acrylic emulsion and marble or silica sand finish that’s hand-troweled over the bottom coat. Acrylic finish is integrally colored and extremely flexible. There are some standard textures that acrylic finishes provide, including Smooth Finish, Sand Finish, and Rilled or Swirl Finish. These finishes, which are expensive, are usually applied in one coat at a thickness of 5/32″ or less. many various textures are possible by multilayering an acrylic finish.

Is It Time To Replace Your Floors?

While most of the people give some thought to wanting their flooring redone when it’s old, cracked, and eaten away, that’s often the foremost expensive time to try to to it. Your floor gives you many warning signs when it is time to be pulled up and replaced with a replacement one, so knowing when to redo your floors and when to not could be a good little bit of knowledge to own.

First, you do not always need to redo all of your floors. Sometimes only certain parts of the ground are damaged while the remainder of them are completely fine. So before you begin tearing out as of floorboard, confirm to assess which parts are damaged and which parts are still good. you would possibly be able to just replace the broken tiles or the rotted wood, for a way cheaper price.

Floor refinishing

You can spruce up most floors with a small amount of sanding and scrubbing or, if they’re tiled, by redoing the grout. However, if the flooring is old, smells, or the damage has suffered most or all of the ground, then you most likely have to redo it.

Damaged floors is a risk to your health, can potentially cause injuries, and might just make your house look dated. If the floors became a way of life problem, then you certainly have to study creating some replacements through some flooring installation Mississauga contractors provide.

Flooring installation in Toronto is different than getting some flooring installed in areas with very humid or arid conditions, so first keep an eye fixed on the climate and ambient temperature inside the house. For the Toronto area, you wish to appear for flooring options which will weather the temperature swings, similarly because the winter dry heat, inside your home. If you’re replacing flooring in your kitchen, explore for vinyl or laminate planking or tiles that repel spills so accidents don’t soak into the ground.

Figure out the categories of advantages that you simply want your new floor to present you, and you may be on your thanks to replacing your old flooring with a more recent model. Also, keep allergies in mind when picking a floor, not just if you’re allergic to certain varieties of materials, but also if you’re allergic to something within the air. A rug or carpets of substantial thickness will be a home to many different allergens including mold, pollen, animal hair and dander.

If your allergens are collected into one spot, then you will be suffering the symptoms for for much longer. Plus, you’ll need to scrub your carpets lots more during allergy season, which could be a deal breaker for you.

There’s a lot to contemplate once you want to own flooring installation in Mississauga or Toronto, from the weather to the extent of the flooring damage you wish to own replaced. But if you actually need your floors replaced, you would like to be asking and answering these inquiries to make sure that your replacement functions even better than the first.

Thankfully, if properly taken care of and maintained, floors have very long lifespans, so you will likely only need to replace your floor once in your lifetime. That’s excellent news for everyone!

Do-It-Yourself Ideas for Home Improvements

For a lot of people, one of their dreams is to have a beautiful and fully-maintained home. Since there are only a handful of people who are looking to relocate due to the financial crisis, it makes sense to take into account the numerous advantages that home improvement plans can give.

Home improvements not only increase the homes quality, but it increases its value as well. The additional home value will be advantageous in case you decide to sell your property, but keep in mind that not every home improvement scheme will put more value on your home. In fact, some can waste your money.

Set up hand-crafted shelves. Instead of buying the usual shelves, you can go to your local furniture maker for custom-made shelves. You can customize it with the color, style, and patterns. They are perfect for storing garage tools and other stuff in your house.

Put brand-new tiles or replace vinyl floorboards. Nowadays, it is easy to replace them with easy self-glue support for trouble-free placement. This will give you with brand-new floorings in just a couple of hours.

Carpet installation. Prior to buying a carpet, make sure to do a measurement of the area where you will put them. In case you have to cut them, it would not be a problem since there are cutting tools specially designed that can be bought at any home improvement store.

Set up a ceiling fan. It will make the room look good and it will help in the circulation of air. Just make sure that you are careful when installing it and when going up or down the ladder.

If you have wallpapers in your home, then you are aware that it peels away over time. Replacing them is very easy and you can buy them at your local home improvement store. Just make sure to level the wallpaper as you put them so that you can avoid bubble build up in some areas.

If you enjoy watching the moon while sitting on the balcony or veranda, you can think about putting an exterior add-on to the house. Diagrams can be bought over the Internet or at a few home improvement depots, together with all the things needed to get the job done.

Painting the interior or exterior of your house is an excellent way to improve its general appearance. Make sure to follow the instructions at all times and utilize paint in an open area.

Another good idea is to install a dusk-to-dawn light unit outside your house. This kind of system will turn on automatically if it senses any motion. This is perfect for everybody and in any place.

Once winter comes, you may want to start considering window replacements to make sure they are secured from environmental factors. It will help keep the warm air inside and the chilly air outside your house during the cold season and will also reduce your heating expenses.

Set up wall panels. If you do not want to paint or just like the look of panels, then you can purchase them at any home improvement store. You can buy them in pieces, already pre-cut and all set to be installed. All you have to do is put them in your preferred area and fasten them.