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viet nam

Bio Statement Between the center of the capital district Bac Ha, Lao Cai province, between the fast pace life, a mansion ancient still voluminous stand that are still fairly intact, though were hung bear bags of sand, dust, wind and rain of more than 90 years ago. Hoang A tuong castle was built from 1914 and completed in 1921, is the whereabouts of father and son Hoang Yen Chao - Hoang A tuong, Tay ethnic people. Under the contract with the French father and son Hoang Yen Chao firmly hold dominion in the land of Bac Ha, called territory billion. During his reign, father and son Hoang Yen Chao power scavenged wealth of the people, occupying the right to sell salt, consumer goods, mining, forestry and agricultural products, the opium for the French people here should earn not less profitable. With the riffle is Turkish ti Hoang Yen Chao hire architects, French and Chinese to build edifices to the surface, this at the same time provide Vietnam visa on arrival for tourists to visit. Also so that the mansion Hoang A tuong is the combination of European architecture and Asian A. Mansion yellow paint royal design, including the rectangular blocks closed continuous stretching with the of the dome-shaped point for the architecture of French rococo. Back built at the location according to feng shui, Asian painted glass, mansion, located on a hill located southeast direction, located in the headrest, mountain view, river with mountains in the back and two sides, are there flow streams. Extreme, consisting of a main house in between two houses with the same design, located symmetrically on either side of the main house. Before the House is a courtyard, outdoor wide airy. The main house has design, many more motifs than two outbuildings. Main house spacious 420m2 consists of two floors with the of the dome-shaped, has it, each floor has 3 space separated, where feedback meeting and living place. The nave is the place of meeting, the two sides is the place where family members eat at. The two sides described property is two blocks from the horizontal with each house has an area of 300m2 built in 2 floors, each floor also has 3 time have layout and architecture the same. Adjacent to two blocks horizontally, facing each other spaced about sun terrace was also built in the two-tier architecture simple to use as warehouses for the soldiers and in the total area of each house 160m2. Mansion voluminous, the surface is spread on the area of 4000m2 no special eats away don't know how the blood and bones of the people, ming chung for all of living away wholesale of the ruling class, the colonial era, as well as a section for see life the wretchedness of the people. The mansion not only carries the value of the architecture but also the hidden has not in it the value of big history, marking a period of history of the people of t was gurgling. Source: Du Lich